Our Story


Why We Strut -

Struttin’ Cotton is an apparel brand that embodies the American spirit.  Struttin’ Cotton represents the simple pleasures of life throughout our great country.  We cherish the outdoors, we are unabashedly patriotic, we strut with a little attitude, and we have fun.  Our designs are casual, but our products and the effort to create them are anything but casual. 

To create a premium product, you have to begin with premium materials.  It all starts with the cotton grown right here in the USA.  Our shirts are made in South Carolina and in Peru.  They are designed and printed in Liberty, SC.  You could say that we are more than a little proud to be making so many shirts The USA, and those that are made in Peru are made at a factory with a stellar reputation for it's attention to quality and for the way it treats employees.   

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create high quality and fun products.  




For Interested Retailers, please visit our Retail Application Page. 


Size Chart

Shirts are NOT pre-shrunk and will be TRUE size after 1/2 washes. 

Expect approximately 2% shrinkage